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30 Sep

Halloween is back in Ski Plaza Hotel!

Halloween is back in the Ski Plaza Hotel! Live a mysterious and funny experience with a terrific decoration. For youngers, gymkhana and workshops, for adults, every Saturday there will be a case to solve. This package includes accommodation in Ski Plaza Hotel and activities.

Valid Dates: 14-15/10/16; 21-22/10/16; 28/10-01/11/16 (minimum stay of 2 nights); 4-5/11/16; 11-12/11/16

Look at all the photos from last year here!
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Tesla Destination Charging in Plaza Hotel
We are excited to announce that you can now charge your Tesla at the Plaza Hotel with Tesla Destination Charging. Now the owners of Tesla products can add up to 100 km per hour autonomy in our #TeslaCharging loading facilities
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