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C/ NaMaria Pla 19-21
 Plaza Hotel
Barcelona Event Room

With pleasant natural light and a surface of 25 m², the Barcelona event room at the Plaza Hotel is ideal for receptions, banquets, training and conferences for groups of 10 to 30 people.

Layout: COCKTAIL 30 peopleBANQUET 15 peopleCONFERENCE 20 peopleSCHOOL 15 people
Salon Meritxel Plaza Hotel
Meritxel Event Room

At 70 m², the Meritxel event room is an ideal space for events of up to 80 people. It offers natural light, a functional design and the best services for event rooms, at the Plaza Andorra hotel.

Layout: COCKTAIL 80 peopleBANQUET 40 peopleCONFERENCE 50 peopleSCHOOL 35 peopleU-SHAPE 20 people
 Plaza Hotel
Paris Event Room

Paris event room of the Plaza Hotel has 35 m² of space and natural light. The perfect location to celebrate the most exclusive events in Andorra.

Layout: COCKTAIL 15 peopleBANQUET 10 peopleCONFERENCE 15 peopleSCHOOL 10 peopleU-SHAPE 8 people
 Plaza Hotel
Ginebra Meeting Room

Perfect for meetings of up to 25 people, the Ginebra event room at the Plaza Hotel offers individuals and companies a space of 35 m² with natural light and full services for events at the Plaza Hotel.

Layout: COCKTAIL 25 peopleBANQUET 15 peopleCONFERENCE 20 peopleSCHOOL 10 peopleU-SHAPE 10 people