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Stay at Ski Plaza Andorra Hotel and ski in Grandvalira with your family Hotels Plaza Andorra

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Stay at Ski Plaza Andorra Hotel and ski in Grandvalira with your family

Stay at Ski Plaza Andorra Hotel and ski in Grandvalira with your family

February 19 2020

In the beautiful enclave between France and Spain, right in the Pyrenees, lies the ski Plaza Canillo, which is part of one of the towns of Andorra.

With just around 5,000 inhabitants, this is a perfect spot to visit as a family in order to relax and enjoy some ski time. Canillo, which is also the name of the main town and home to the famous Grandvalira, featuring one of the best ski resorts especially designed for families.

Grandvalira features up to six snow gardens for children aged 3 to 6, especially designed for those who are just starting in the world of skiing. There is a whole range of items available, such as mats, inflatable objects and modules to ensure the little ones have a fabulous time. An indoor gym is also available so that they can practise and take their first steps on skis before they do the real thing

Every snow garden is also home to a ski and snowboard school, where families can access qualified monitors as private or group lessons in order to help children perfect their style and to ensure they progress as skiers. For those under the age of 4 there are snow familiarisation sessions, as well as games and other activities to help them get used to the snow.

A variety of kids programmes has been carefully put in place catering those aged 3 to 11 whereby children are supervised all day long and provided with a range of activities, games and even lunch.

One of the best accommodation options for a retreat in the Grandvalira area is the luxury Ski Plaza Andorra Hotel, located in the beautiful mountain area of Canillo, which is one of the most stunning villages in the Pyrenees, and fully surrounded by nature. This superb 4-star hotel with spa and wellness facilities is perfect for families as it also offers themed rooms especially designed for the little ones.

Amongst the services offered by the hotel are the splendid buffet, an extensive health centre, children playground areas and even the possibility to bring your loved pets to the hotel as they are allowed in. Also, if you stay at the hotel, you will have unlimited access to the Ice Palace of Andorra at no extra cost so you can enjoy a great quality sports venue. Access to the spa and wellness area is also provided as part of your stay, as well as the possibility to store your luggage at the hotel until your departure time.

Other important services are provided, such as a library, gym, free press, tourist information, airport transfers or free wifi. Everything has been taken care of so that families and ski lovers can enjoy the most perfect stay in an idyllic environment whilst they make the most out of the snow. Make sure you check some of the great ski offers in Andorra and do not miss out your opportunity!

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