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Looking for safe hotels to spend your Summer in Andorra? Hotels Plaza Andorra

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Looking for safe hotels to spend your Summer in Andorra?

Looking for safe hotels to spend your Summer in Andorra?

June 11 2020

We are lucky! In case you still do not know, the Spanish-Andorran border to the Principality will be open to tourism from June 21, which will mark the end of the state of alarm and the entry of the long-awaited new normal.

In all the hotels of the Plaza Andorra chain, we are following the recommendations of the Andorran Government in terms of health and working to take sanitary measures to welcome you with open arms.

If you wish, from now you can contact us and make your reservation at any of our safe hotels to spend your Summer in Andorra with complete tranquility and confidence, so that you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

The reopening dates of our hotels are as follows:

📍 Holiday Inn Andorra: June 22.
📍 Plaza Hotel: June 23.
📍 Hotel Ski Plaza (end of July, to be confirmed)

We look forward to welcoming you back!

For this reason, at Plaza Andorra hotels, we have adopted a series of security measures to transform our hotels into safe spaces, so that you feel comfortable and have fun as you deserve during your stay.


1. We ask guests to wear face masks (except at the table of the restaurant and / or cafeteria), wash their hands and keep the safety distance.
2. Access to hotels is protected by disinfecting mats and there is hydroalcoholic gel in all areas.
3. We have specific prevention equipment (masks, thermometers, gloves).
4. We disinfect tables, chairs and utensils before and after each use.
5. We use highly effective cleaning material to disinfect.
6. The toilets are of limited use and we have also intensified regular cleaning and disinfection procedures.
7. Only 10 people can meet in the common areas and in the restaurant.
8. The Plaza Andorra Hotels staff has received specific training on the cleaning and disinfection plan for facilities and equipment, duly documented and detailed.
9. All employees wear uniforms that are disinfected daily.
10. We have confirmed and verified that our suppliers comply with established protocols and security measures.

With all these actions, what we want is for you to have a satisfying and healthy experience with us.

We have more ... we want to offer you a very good deal:

If you book your stay this next summer season, with the code PLAZA10 we offer you a 10% discount and very flexible cancellation conditions, so you do not have to worry about anything.

We hope to see you soon so we can have a good time together!

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